Rent reviews

Some landlords have optimistic ideas of their premises’ rental values. Some tenants think that landlords should support them by cutting rent below an equitable level. We look at all the factors involved in setting a rent and then present a reasoned argument and evidence to support our view on a fair rent. If the parties cannot agree, the decision is referred to a third party valuer. In some instances, that’s us.

Among our landmark rent reviews are:

  • The Slug & Lettuce in Fulham – David Gooderham has reviewed the rent on this property three times. In its time, it’s commanded the highest tied rent in the UK, at £255,000.
  • The Rainforest Café in Shaftesbury Avenue – when the landlord proposed a 50 per cent rent increase to well into seven figures, tenants Glendola Leisure asked us to show why that was unreasonable and we brought in an independent expert. The outcome was a four per cent uplift.
  • Hyde Park Hilton Hotel, Bayswater Road, London – we secured a significant uplift in rent of more than 400 per cent on the 132-room hotel on behalf of the landlord, our client London Underground Transport.
  • Nandos – we recently achieved a nil uplift in rent reviews on their three sites in Bedford, Epsom and Nottingham.