Landlord and tenant

Landlord and tenant law is not clear-cut, which is why courts, tribunals and arbitrators are called in.

In fact, as qualified arbitrators, Anthony Alder and David Gooderham bring exceptional clarity and advice on the effects of the 1954 Landlord and Tenant Act and other relevant legislation – which may help to explain why we have presented cases in more than 70 third party disputes. Our clients can be owners or occupiers and we work with them directly or through their legal representatives.

For example, we secured an uplift in rent of more than 400 per cent on the 132-room Hyde Park Hilton Hotel in Bayswater Road, London, on behalf of our client London Underground Transport.

If an agreement cannot be reached or there is ambiguity about the precise meaning of the law, we advise as expert witnesses, in writing or in person, in court or at tribunals.

If you have a legal problem with licensed property, we are happy to have a confidential discussion. You can reach us at 020 7836 7826 or e-mail Anthony Alder or David Gooderham