Mergers & acquisitions/strategic advice

Expanding a licensed leisure portfolio by merger or acquisition, moving into the sector or building your position within it need absolute clarity of purpose, timing and motivation.

With decades of experience in licensed leisure, its challenges and opportunities, we can help you to structure deals that meet your objectives.

We have worked with companies to buy entire portfolios, identifying opportunities that will provide the scale they want and generate the returns they need. Equally, we have advised organisations divesting themselves of premises that do not fit a new business plan or set of circumstances.

When one of the UK’s largest pubco’s needed to review its London estate, our three directors visited nearly 400 pubs in just four weeks. We were able to advise the client on each property’s prospects, in particular highlighting the gold bricks – pubs with a potentially higher value for alternative use.

To discuss plans for your portfolio, contact James Grimes on 020 7836 7826 or e-mail